"I just went through a child custody case with Nancy and she was exceptional. She was very knowledgable of the laws and very upfront with me about what to expect. Whenever I had a question about something she always got back to me within twenty four hours, which isn't common with most lawyers. She mailed or emailed a copy of every form that was filed in the court or sent to the other attorney so I could review. She also went over every document with me to make sure I understood what I was agreeing to before I signed anything. I feel if it wasn't for her persistence with the other lawyer I would still be waiting to have custody of my daughter. The other lawyer was constantly asking ofr continuances. When we did go to court Ms. Taylor conducted herself in a very professional manner with not only the judge but also the other lawyer. I think very highly of her and her work and would definately recommend her to anyone fighting for their children."
- Client Review from Avvo Profile

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Child Custody

What is in the best interest of your children is the most important factor in any custody case. Many aspects will be considered, including:

  • Who acts as primary caregiver,
  • How much each parent encourages a relationship with the other parent and extended family, 
  • History of abuse, drug or alcohol dependence,
  • Living situation,
  • Educational availability.

Today, shared physical custody is more prevalent, with the recognition that the equalization of parenting time is best for the children. Even in these cases, a structured schedule with some flexibility is necessary so disputes do not arise.

Mrs. Taylor strongly believes that custody should not be decided by courts, as judges do not know your children, as you do. She will work hard to create a Custody agreement that resolves your differences while providing the best environment for the children. If a trial is necessary, she will aggressively pursue your position.