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Pre Nuptial Agreements

Entering into a Pre Nuptial Agreement may run contrary to the romantic ideal of a marriage as it necessitates contemplating Divorce. However, pre nups are prudent and practical as they both establish and protect property rights as you enter marriage. Such agreements also eliminate potential strife by clarifying how financial and property issues will be handled in the event of Divorce.

Pre Nups are particularly useful when the spouses own substantial assets, investment and or real property as it provides a clear road map of how marital issues will be resolved. As a result, litigation is avoided. Pre nups identify property brought into the marriage, characterize income and assets acquired during the marriage and designate which property will remain separate. Pre nups can include provisions for the division of debt, medical coverage, life insurance and the payment of alimony.

A Pre Nup must be property drafted. Both parties should provide full and accurate disclosure. Mrs. Taylor will counsel you in the development and drafting of your individual Pre Nup so you fully understand and agree to what the future will hold upon Divorce.